Shawn Lovejoy: "Speed Can Kill You"

Shawn Lovejoy is the host pastor of the Velocity Conference. He has become a true friend in the past couple years. He offered a very strong challenge to this room of a thousand church planters...

  • Church planters love speed! Their favorite movie is top gun.
  • Our entrepreneurial, fast-moving spirit is what makes us great church planters. However, our greatest assets and abilities outside of Jesus' empowerment--those assets become our greatest liability.
  • When stuff isn't happening, we are wired to manufacture it. Just do something. Give Jesus some help and make it happen.
  • Funny quote: "Telling a church planter to be patient is like telling John MacArthur to be seeker-sensitive."
  • Abraham was similarly wired. He got impatient and tried to make things happen. And it had consequences for his wife, his kids, an entire country.
  • Speed can kill. Our inability to slow down can literally kill us.
  • We don't have time to spend time with God. We have to get on that growth stair-climber and take the church to the next level.
  • The most often violated commands of pastors' is not taking a sabbath. We don't take time off because we don't trust Jesus to build His church. He thinks He needs our help.
  • My most proud achievement after 10 years in this church plant: "My wife likes me. Not just loves me, but likes me. And my kids like the church. They don't see it as my mistress."
  • What do we gain if we gain the whole world, but we lose our family? We gain nothing.
  • Waiting is a faith issue. Do we trust God enough to walk with Him at His pace?
  • In ministry, motivation matters. We can do all the right things, but do them with a wrong motivation, and none of it counts.
  • Faithfulness matters more to God than fruitfulness.
I think Shawn understands and speaks to church planters better than anyone I know. Great challenge.
Tim Stevens1 Comment