Jud Wilhite: "The Faith Journey Isn't About You"

Jud Wilhite launched the Velocity Conference by talking about a tough year. Here are my take-aways from what Judd shared...

  • His father passed away last year. He died well. It got Judd thinking about life and what matters.
  • At the end of your life, people won't care whether you led a church of 20,000 or 20, they won't care how big your staff was. At the end of your life, what will matter is how much you cared for the people around you.
  • Leadership is lonely.
  • In Exodus 33, Moses had to do more than restructure his leadership team. He had to blow it up! Moses was in a stressful time.
  • God said to Moses, "I will personally go with you, I will give you rest." You may feel alone, but you aren't.
  • The faith journey isn't about you. It's about the One who goes with us.
  • Judd told a great story about several strippers who began following him on Twitter. I can't repeat the whole story here, but the one thing I loved hearing was this part: He asked his wife, "Do you think I should follow them back?" She asked him, "Well, what do you think Jesus would do?" They together knew instantly that Jesus would definitely follow them back--because he was the friends of sinners, prostitutes and tax collectors. They later learned these girls were actually attending the church.
Jud pastors in Las Vegas--I've always been encouraged every time he speaks.
Tim Stevens2 Comments