Mama Maggie Gobran: "When One Has Nothing, God Becomes Everything."

Some amazing insight at the Global Leadership Summit from this woman of God who serves the country of Egypt:

  • We don't choose where we are born. But we do choose whether to be normal, or be a hero.
  • Egypt is the country that has sent the largest number of Christian martyrs in all history.
  • I enjoyed an affluent lifestyle. But God asked me to sell it all and follow Him.
  • When one has nothing, God becomes everything.
  • When I touch a poor child, I'm touching Jesus.
  • When I listen to a poor child, I'm listening to God's heart for all of humanity.
  • Silence is the secret to meeting with the Almighty. It is there that we discover the taste of eternity.
  • Silence your body to listen to your words. Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts. Silence your thoughts to listen to your heart beating. Silence your heart to listen to your spirit. And silence your spirit to listen to God.
  • In silence, we leave many, and be with the One.
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