Don't Give People the Finger

There is a new book on the scene that is insanely practical for church leaders. It's written by Mark Waltz with the title How to Wow Your Church Guests. It's written in a simply strategic and brilliant format--with each of the 101 chapters only taking a couple minutes to read. Some of my favorites...

  • #77 Bust Up Your Party. Don't do the usher huddle where you all talk to each other and forget why you are there.
  • #89 Shut Up Already. You guessed it, this chapter is all about listening.
  • #12 Names = Value. Now that is just downright convicting. I'm terrible with names. (Numbers come easy for me, so if your name is 92436 then I will remember you forever.)
  • #54 Talk Normal. Don't have a bunch of cutesy names for your ministries or activities.
  • #30 Don't Give People the Finger. When asked for directions, don't just point the way. Take a minute, walk them to their desired location, have a conversation along the way.
  • #19 Remember the Introverts. Not everyone wants their hand grabbed 13 times on their way to church. Give people some space.

If I were a volunteer or staff person in charge of creating a great experience for guests at my church--I would buy a copy of this book for every single person on my team.

Tim Stevens1 Comment