A Ho-Hum Debate

I haven't been excited about a Republican presidential candidate since 1984, and this campaign is shaping up to be no exception. However, I enjoy politics and watched the debate among the seven contenders on Friday night. My quick views...

  • Ron Paul -- I like some of his libertarian views, but am afraid they are too extreme considering today's realities. Additionally, he would be 77 when becoming president. His running mate would be incredibly important since I'm not sure he'd live to the end of his term(s).
  • Mitt Romney - He definitely comes off as the most presidential. I believe he is one of the few in the running who likely has the experience to get us out of our economic crisis. I really don't know his positions on defense or social issues.
  • Rick Santorum - I really like his energy and youth. He's very clear on his beliefs and communicates them with passion--even those beliefs that are considered "right-wing."
  • Herman Cain - a smart guy, a successful businessman. But I'm not sure running one company that has 600 stores will translate to running a $3.6 trillion economy. Plus, he seems to know very little about anything besides economics.
  • Michele Bachmann -- I like her passion and clarity. I don't like her seeming inability to compromise. We have three branches of government in a divided country...compromise is part of the game.
  • Newt Gingrich -- he was an angry man at this debate. That being said, he may be the smartest man who is running. I believe he could run the country--I just don't think he can win an election.
  • Tim Pawlenty -- came off very sniveling. He made several accusations about others, but didn't adequately answer the ones against him. I had never seen him prior to this debate--but he gave me nothing to like.
  • Jon Huntsman - is he really Republican? Couldn't tell.

After watching the two-hour debate, I'm not excited about any of them or their chances of winning. Rick Perry jumped in the race today--I look forward to hearing more about his views. I wish Mitch Daniels were running--he'd have my vote. I'm curious about Chris Christie, but it doesn't look like he'll run. If Sarah Palin jumps in the race...well, let's just hope she doesn't.

It's likely a mistake to write this blog post, but it's midnight on a Sunday and I don't care :)

Tim Stevens3 Comments