I Ain't Leaving

Several months ago I wrote about how excited I was about a LifePlan process I would be doing in June. I spent last week in southern California, and several of those days were spent with Doug Slaybaugh who is a trained LifePlan consultant with the Paterson Center. I truly think the time was crucial for me--I believe I'll look back on the week many years from now as pivotal in my life. Many have asked what the week looked like. Well, let me tell you what a LifePlan is NOT:

  • It's not someone telling you what you should do with your life.
  • It's not someone telling you everything that is wrong with your life.
  • It's not counseling or therapy.
  • It's not easy (several asked me how my "vacation" was in California. Uh, this was no vacation).

For someone like me, who is not used to being introspective, it was a lot of work. We took a lot of time to reflect back on 44-years of life, to trace the hand of God through the ups and the downs of life. All of that history gave perspective and framework for what God is up to in my life today...and what that means for my future.

I was able to walk away with a very clear picture of my purpose. It's kind of funny, because I spend so much time in my professional life helping Granger and other churches figure out purpose, vision, mission and values. But I've spent very little time doing the same in my own life.

I know that I'll be sharing much more about my learnings in the coming months--but for now, let me just answer one question that I've heard many times since returning: I'm not leaving Granger. I know it's the "normal" path to get to a certain level and then to leave the local church, become a consultant or author or whatever. But I am more committed than ever to Granger Community Church, Mark Beeson, the New Normal, and the 2016 Vision. I see myself serving and strengthening this church for many more years...and I couldn't be more excited about our future.

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