I Have No Regrets

In the spring of 1993, Faith and I were sitting in the lounge of a hotel in San Antonio. We had met an "older" couple (perhaps mid-50's, but when you are 26, it seems old) and were having a great talk with them. I think they were enjoying our youth and we were enjoying their wisdom. Faith was a few months from giving birth to our first child, and they were reflecting on stories of their kids--who were now adults.

At one point, I remember seeing the man in deep thought. He looked down at Faith's belly, and then looked straight at us with intensity. He said, "Cherish every moment. You are going to snap your fingers and your baby will be graduating from high school."

I've never forgotten those words. And in recent days, they seem to be coming back to me over and over again.

Today, our little girl finishes high school. Tomorrow she graduates. And in a couple months, she's off to college.

I think we have cherished the moments. I don't have any regrets. I love her more than seems possible and am so excited to see her launch into life. She has consistently made good choices, she has a strong faith in God, and she is grounded in what she believes. People say she looks like her mother--which is the highest compliment possible. She couldn't be more ready for what is ahead of her. And I'm jazzed to see what God does in and through her.

Congratulations Heather. I am so proud of you for running this leg of the race well.

Tim Stevens4 Comments