Are You Ever Jealous of "That Big Church"?

You know that big church? The one that makes things look so easy, that seems like they have everything together, that comes up with the greatest ideas, and always presents everything flawlessly. You look at that church with a mixture of celebration and jealousy. Okay, let's be honest, there is a lot more jealousy than celebration in your heart. You wonder how they always get the good staff, the best musicians, the coolest equipment, and the nicest facilities. You work just as hard and only move an inch while they move a mile. Doesn't seem right. Here is what I know about that big church that seems to have it all together:

  • People leave their church too. And they are just as loud and cruel when they leave.
  • Sometimes their leaders cry themselves to sleep.
  • Just like you, they have gone through the pain of firing a friend from the staff or telling a volunteer they can no longer serve. In fact, due to their size, they face this a lot.
  • There are days when the pastors at that church feel very lonely.
  • Every week they get letters from people telling them the stuff they are doing wrong.
  • They sometimes have services when everything falls apart technically.
  • There are times when the pastor is done teaching and he isn't sure anyone connected with his message.
  • Their leadership team has had very passionate and animated conversations about their vision, style, music and methods.
  • They sometimes go for weeks, even months, without receiving enough offerings to cover the budgeted expenses.

Leadership is tough, whether in a small church or a big one. It may look easy from a distance, but it's not. Next time you think about that church, whisper a prayer for their success.

This is a re-post from July 2006.

Tim Stevens2 Comments