A Debut Album Worth Your Time

I love music, but I'm not a big music guy. What? What I mean is I don't go around with ear buds in all day long. I don't have music playing in my office or my car every minute of the day. I don't have the names of every new artist memorized. I'm more of a selective music listener. When I'm listening, I want it to be full-blast-in-your-face-loud (especially if it's Muse or Linkin Park). Hearing music playing softly in the background is annoying. I want to enjoy it. And I particularly lean in when I hear music that is excellent.

I just reviewed the debut album of Seth Abram--and I'm impressed. I've known Seth for a few years, and some of you know that I was a big fan of his KickStarter.com project to fund his first album. I get lots of opportunities to support projects--but I chose this one because I'm a firm believer in Seth. He's an amazing songwriter, musician and vocalist--and I believe the world will get to know his music in the coming years in a big way.

Somebody asked me what kind of music it is--and it's hard to categorize. Seth Abram is a worship leader--but this isn't a worship album. Seth is a disciple of Jesus--but this won't be categorized as a Christian music album. It's just really good music that gives me a reason to crank up the volume.

The self-titled Seth Abram debut album releases today--and is available on iTunes or Amazon for download.

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