The Church...Not an Institution, but a Movement

It seems like every day I read another note written to one of our pastors about the new vision. Here is a portion of a note received this week:

All I can say is WOW what a vision, I feel very blessed to be part of this church. Your  pastoral leadership team is truly amazing. Never have I seen a team so relaxed, dedicated and more sure of their calling as what you have put together. The level of intelligence is mind blowing and the vision is huge, you can truly feel the confidence each and every one of you holds deep in your hearts that God has put this all together...We are on board 100% and make available all of our support for anything that we can do to help. We know there is no doubt that God has amazing things in store for GCC.

We have presented the vision to many of our core leaders--about 900 of them over the past week. Now this weekend we begin to talk about it with the entire congregation during the Picture This series.

Download your own copy GCC 2016 Vision PDF.

We've been asking all our leaders two big questions, so I'll ask you the same ones: What excites you about the new vision? What fears or concerns do you have?

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