We will REPRODUCE at Every Level

This third part of our 2016 Vision is not last because it's the least important. It is foundational--it will shape everything we do, inside and outside the walls of the church. We will REPRODUCE at Every Level.

By 2016, every follower of Jesus will be a reproducing follower of Jesus. And every church will be a reproducing church.

  • We will offer life-changing gatherings for worship and teaching in our current locations, and launch three additional sites in our region with 9,000 gathering as one church in five locations.
  • We will raise the temperature for life-on-life discipleship so it is normal for people to become reproducing followers of Jesus by owning their personal growth. Consumer-oriented Christians will, by design, not feel comfortable long-term.
  • We will distribute high-quality content wherever and whenever it is needed. At any time we will be able to simultaneously teach, train and inspire thousands of people as they gather from their home, church, business or wherever they are located.
  • We will launch and equip Granger Community Church start-ups all over the globe. Micro, mega, multi, rural, suburban, urban, multi-ethnic, local, domestic and international—all united by the same mission and DNA. We will be a movement of more than 100,000 missional followers of Jesus gathering as 2,000 reproducing churches.

Seem like a big, hairy, audacious goal? Uh yeah. Even though we've seen success in Tamil Nadu, India (with a viral church-planting networking now numbering 957), we know this is huge. What would it be like for every follower of Jesus to be reproducing? That type of thinking could change the world. We are counting on it.

Tim StevensComment