We Will BE The Church

The 2016 Vision that we have been crafting for more than a year will be presented in its' final form to a gathering of our core leaders tonight for the first time ever. Here is the first section of our three-part vision: We will BE the Church.

By 2016, the number of people being the Church in their neighborhoods, schools, cafes and community seven days a week will outnumber the number of casual Christians just going to church.

  • Every follower of Jesus has a missional-impulse within them; we will help believers in the GCC family discover and activate this impulse to make a difference in their world.
  • We will equip Christ-followers to leverage their leadership and expertise in every domain of society (justice, education, healthcare, government, religion, business and the arts).
  • We will transition children and student ministries into a holistic family ministry, partnering with parents to disciple their children and students for 936-weeks—from the time a child is born until they turn eighteen.
  • We will find, celebrate and tell stories of our people “being” the church at every opportunity.

Every sentence has layers of strategy behind it and leaders who are ready to engage. For the next month, in every gathering from small to large, we will communicate the vision from beginning to end. Then it's GO TIME baby.

Tim Stevens5 Comments