We will ACTIVATE the Campus

If the first part of the 2016 Vision is about helping the individual be the church wherever they are--the second part is about making that same shift as an organization: We will ACTIVATE the Campus.

By 2016, we will have remodeled the Granger campus and programs to help not just our congregation, but the greater community with Jesus at the center.

  • The Granger campus will become a gathering place for the community. We will build a Chapel to help people through life-defining moments with inspirational architecture. We will build a Commons where people meet and friends gather. We will add paths, benches, pavilions, fireplaces and water features that invite people to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.
  • We will utilize our fabulous Children’s Center and launch a weekday faith-based preschool and/or daycare to meet the growing needs of parents as they try to raise their kids with virtue.
  • Like Monroe Circle Community Center has done for a neighborhood in South Bend, and like this remodel will do for Michiana—every location or gathering in our growing GCC network will exist for the unique transformation and elevation of the neighborhood, village, city or region where they are located.

It's a subtle, but significant shift. For years our church property has been an amazing front porch for those coming to a weekend service. The landscaping is inviting, the buildings were designed so they wouldn't intimidate the unchurched. But now, with the glaring change in the culture, we are transitioning the property to have scores of front porch opportunities. Whether you come to attend a wedding or funeral, enroll your child in the preschool, eat lunch in the Commons, run on the 5k path or sit in the woods enjoying a fire--you will be welcomed with open arms by grace-filled followers of Jesus who will help you take your next step. And that step might never include sitting in the auditorium at a service.

Tim Stevens6 Comments