It is Finished

I don't know what John Adams and Ben Franklin and John Hancock felt like when they were crafting the Declaration of Independence. Did they realize the significance of the paper to which they were ascribing their signature? How about Lincoln with the Gettysburg Address? I'm sure he knew it was important--but did he realize it would shape a nation for centuries?

Perhaps the analogy is extreme, but that is how I feel now that we've come to the end of our Vision process for Granger Community Church. For two years we have been working on this. For 12 months we have been inviting the staff, leaders, congregation and community to help shape it. For 6 months, we have been distributing drafts to get feedback. For weeks we have been agonizing over every single word.

And today, it is finished.

It is the one-page Vision that will define us as a church for the next five-years. It will shape our decisions, our staffing, and our community impact. It feels we just laid the groundwork for a tsunami of love and grace that will sweep through our region and the world.

The opening lines of the Vision sum it up:

The differences at Granger Community Church in the next five years will be greater than the changes of the past twenty-five combined. GCC is not just an institution or location; we are a movement of people who understand that we are Jesus’ plan to transform and heal communities.

We accept the challenge and we are raising the bar.

Tim Stevens10 Comments