It's All About Priorities

I've been asked many times recently why I haven't been posting very often to The bottom line answer: Priorities.

  • If you've clicked on my About Tim page, you already know my priorities. They are:
  1. Faith (my wife)
  2. Heather, Megan, Hunter, Taylor (my kids)
  3. Granger Community Church
  4. Coaching, training and writing for church leaders
  • I'm in a season where my family needs my time more than ever--and I'm in love with them more than ever. I'm aware that the clock is ticking on this short window of time with my kids (one of them starts college next fall).
  • Mark Beeson has been on sabbatical for the past 90 days, so I've had the privilege and honor of being captain of the ship in his absence.
  • We are in an intense phase of re-visioning our future as a church. These are the most exciting and scary days of all. It means a simultaneous building project, capital campaign and the creation of new strategies for a new direction. It is requiring much focus and leadership!

So, because of my focus on #1, #2, and #3 -- I've had to back off on blogging (although my Twitter and Facebook activity is still alive).

I wake up every day asking, "How can I add value to people today?" Rest assured I am still very committed to you and will be back in the saddle with more regularity soon.

Tim Stevens7 Comments