A Prayer Vigil

Two weeks ago a terrible tragedy happened in South Bend, and it greatly impacted one of our church families. A woman named Teresa Blake was still working at her desk at Specialized Staffing Solutions in South Bend. It was 6:30pm on a Wednesday night when someone fired a gun through the window. Teresa was seriously hurt and is fighting for her life. This has been a traumatic couple of weeks for Teresa's family, and for all the employees of Specialized Staffing Solutions. The business is owned by Jacqueline Barton, who attends GCC with her husband (Tom) and son (Tommy). I spoke with Tom a couple days ago--this has been a difficult time for everyone.

I'd ask for your prayers for everyone involved. And if you live nearby, I'd encourage you to attend a prayer vigil for Teresa on Tuesday, December 21st, 6:00pm at Beutter Park in Mishawaka.

Tim Stevens2 Comments