Why I'm Voting Today

5 Reasons why it would be tempting to not vote today...

  1. It's inconvenient.
  2. What does it really matter anyway?
  3. They are all liars.
  4. Incumbents might all be bums, but a new politician is just an incumbent waiting to happen.
  5. It's cold.

5 Reasons I Decided to Vote Today...

  1. It honors our heritage and my ancestors who died to give me this privilege.
  2. Elections really do matter (can anyone deny that our country is different now because of the 2008 election?)
  3. Our country is on a slippery slope economically. I don't trust (or want) government to legislate morality--but I do believe their choices can get us back to a strong fiscal position.
  4. There are a few politicians who really need to be thrown out.
  5. If I don't vote, I have no right to complain about anything that happens in the next 2 years. And who wants to give up their right to complain?

What about you? Why did you decide to vote (or not) today?

Tim Stevens6 Comments