Is it Possible to Attract & Send?

The conference continued with a tremendous session led by Matt Carter who pastors The Austin Stone Community Church. Some things he said...

  • I think the attractional model of church is still very effective--and will reach some people that smaller forms of church will never reach.
  • The attractional model alone won't curb the decline of Christianity in America.
  • The primary model of church has been "come to us." And that's where it has ended.
  • Lay people (especially those who are 18-30 years old) are starting to get restless. They want to get in the fight.
  • I realized even if we build a bigger building and grow another 4,000 people--nothing really changes for the city of Austin.
  • What if people got the vision not to "come and see" -- but to "go and do."
  • Jesus wouldn't make a very good American megachurch pastor. Why? It wasn't his church-growth philosophy. His church growth philosophy was 12 men.
  • The difference between a small group and missional community: A small group is primary about community--a missional community is primarily about mission.
  • We had to change the definition for our small groups--now they must have moved beyond gathering, have found a group of people, and are engaging that group of people to introduce them to God.
  • There is nothing on the planet that can foster deep, biblical community than getting a shared mission for God.
  • If we aimed for community alone, we hardly ever got community or mission. But if we aimed for mission--we almost always got mission AND community.
  • We teach our leaders how not to be consumers--but to be self-feeders.
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