A Missional Problem

Some quotes from Alan Hirsch's opening session at the AND Conference...

  • I've always had a respect for the megachurch. The modern church growth movement reintroduced evangelism into the equation of church--and I highly respect that.
  • Our world is becoming increasingly more complex. There are hundreds of sub-cultures that have the potential to divide us.
  • Churches tend to reach people like them. That's fine, but as culture becomes more divided--the reach of the church is diminished.
  • I introduced the word "attractional." I wish I could change that--now I would call it "extractional." Because within 3-5 years of becoming a Christian, that individual will no longer have any significant relationships outside the church. And that becomes a problem for the spread of the gospel!
  • Recent report said 95% of Americans believe in God.
  • The vast majority of Americans think highly of God, Jesus and spirituality--but very poorly of the church.
  • I love Apple, but hate AT&T. But can't use my iPhone without AT&T. I think a lot of people think that way about God and the church. They give God a thumbs up, but really dislike the church.
  • The problems of the world can't be solved by doing the same thing that got us here.
  • If you keep digging in the same hole, you become very invested in the hole. And so you dig deeper, and become more invested.
  • The demise of Christendom is not such a bad thing. We didn't do so well when we were in control. Christianity tends to thrive when it isn't culturally acceptable.
  • House church isn't doing missional very well. They tend to have bad music, bad teaching and all the kids are running around the house. Who wants that?
  • Church comes out of mission. Not the other way around.
  • Don't be captive by your own success. Churches in decline are sometimes more open to hearing God and trying something new.
  • Is a can opener a can opener if it no longer opens cans? Is a church still a church if it no longer does what a church is meant to do?
  • The Bible knows no distinction between clergy and laity.
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