Sometimes I Think We Are Crazy

A few questions...

  • Why would a church host a conference that suggests that "church" (as we know it) isn't the answer for most people? Wouldn't that be like Starbucks suggesting you should no longer drink coffee? Or Microsoft coming out with a product that does away with software?
  • Why would a megachurch begin a conversation that admits that megachurch isn't cutting it for most people?
  • And why would they cancel a successful conference and replace it with a conference on a niche topic that very few people are even talking about much less understanding?

Great questions. Sometimes I think we are crazy. But it seems like every church leader I talk to is wrestling with the same conversation. There is a growing sense of "we can't keep doing church the same way."

I have lots of questions. I wish I could tell you the AND Conference will be filled with lots of answers. It won't. But it will be a gathering of leaders wrestling with the same issue: How do we continue to provide life-changing experiences for those who will come to us, while at the same time taking the gospel to the people in our communities who will never darken our doors.

We aren't the first ones to grapple with a changing definition of what the church and the gospel is about. In fact--we have an example in the New Testament. Jason explains it better than I ever could in this short video.


It's not too late to join us for the AND Conference on November 4-5.

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