Your Boss Needs You To Be...

I don't care if you work for a church, a business, or a factory. I guarantee you, your boss needs you to be...

  1. A Momentum-Increaser -- don't make your boss be the only one pulling up the attitude and bringing energy to the workplace.
  2. A Values-Champion -- No one should live out the values of the organization more than you do.
  3. A Silo-Destroyer -- sniff out and destroy the silos that exist in departments throughout the organization. Make sure everyone is more committed to the macro vision than their micro project.
  4. A Straight-Talker -- don't engage in triangle conversations or put-downs of your team or leaders.
  5. A Generous-Giver -- okay, this one is specific to working at a church, but I would never work for a church where I didn't believe in it enough to give as much as I possibly could.
  6. An Innovative-Thinker -- be solution-oriented. Don't just come to your boss with problems, but also solutions. Your attitude should be, "Economy tough? Less staff? Lower budget? No problem, we'll figure out a way to get through this!"
  7. A Loyal-Friend -- you don't have to hang out together, but he needs to know you are "for" him. If put in a corner, your boss knows you would defend her.
  8. A Back-Protector -- always believe the best. Always.
  9. An Integrity-Keeper -- you are who you are when no one is looking. Your boss needs you to have great character.
  10. An Unbelievable-Spouse and Effective Parent -- the strength of your leadership and effectiveness comes from your leadership at home.
  11. A Lifelong Learner -- read books, study other best practices, learn, learn, learn--then come back and apply it to your organization.
  12. An Equipping-Leader...not a Satisfied-Doer -- You should be building teams and reproducing teams. Take delight in the success of your team more than your own success!

What else would you add to this list? Which one is most difficult for you?

Tim Stevens11 Comments