The Pain of Growth

Last week I was asked, "If our church is going to double in the next two years (from 500 to 1000), what will it take?" Here is what I shared...

  • Some of you won't have as much access to the senior leader. This has to be okay with you.
    • Ask: Are you more committed to maintaining the tight-knit staff size and your proximity to the pastor? Or are you more committed to the church growing?
  • Some of you are doing okay as a leader in a church of 500, but that's not going to cut it at 1,000. You need to be willing to step aside into another role.
    • Ask: Are you more committed to keeping your position and title? Or are you more committed to reaching more people?
  • You will need to anticipate the strain and pressure before you actually feel it. You are the leader--looking ahead, around the corner.
    • Ask: Are you comfortable? If so, you probably aren't anticipating growth adequately.
  • You will have to be as willing to stop stuff as you are to start stuff.
    • Ask: What are you doing that takes time and energy and diverts your focus? What has God uniquely gifted your team to do where you should put more focus?
  • You will have to drive up the level of excellence. When people walk up to a fair booth to buy food, they have one expectation of service and quality. At McDonalds, it's another level. And when they walk into a Houlihan's, it's yet another level. As you grow, so will the expectations of your guests.
    • Ask: What areas of the ministry would not be considered excellent if you were a church of 1000?

What would you add to the list?

Tim Stevens17 Comments