Life Happens--One Conversation at a Time

I'm doing life with these men...and last night we had four hours of amazing conversation in an alley restaurant in San Francisco. Over the past six months, there have been dozens of such conversations with Mark and Rob and other Granger leaders. Sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes emotional, sometimes very factual. But all of them pivotal. I can't describe the level of anticipation I'm feeling (and remember--I'm Mr. calm, cool and collected). All of these recent conversations are building toward some amazing and earth-shaking initiatives that will impact our local community and thousands around the world. We are in new territory. We are asking questions like, "Has that ever been done?" and "How do we know it will work if it has never been done?" The dreams we are dreaming are stretching even the dreamers.

Roll-out will happen in early 2011. Until then--we continue dream dreams and do life in small conversations.

Tim Stevens2 Comments