Where's Tim?

I blogged a total of 6 times in June. That has to be a (low) record for me. So, where have I been and what's on my mind?

  • June was all about family. Ten days on our family vacation near Branson. Then my family visited for an extended weekend. Then Faith's family for a week.
  • If every person staying one night at our house equals a "visitor night" -- then we had 84 visitor nights in June.
  • This week three of our kids are at Camp Adventure, and the other one is attending day camp. You'd think that would mean extended "lunches" at home. It's only Thursday--I guess there is still time.
  • We've decided life isn't complicated enough, so we will be keeping a foreign exchange student in our home beginning next month. She is a 16-yr old from Croatia.
  • Our senior team spent 11 hours last week working on the next 5-years. I couldn't be more excited. I'm chomping at the bit to talk about it, but need to hold off a little while longer.
  • We are all gearing up for Mark Beeson's first-ever sabbatical. He'll be gone 3 months this fall.
  • I have a kid going to college in a year. She'd like to go to a college that also happens to be very expensive. We are spending the summer learning about how to apply for scholarships. I also learned last week (via Facebook) that she has a job with Chick-fil-A. Maybe the admissions department will accept coupons for chicken as payment?
  • Last month I stayed the night on a sidewalk in Chicago. I'd like to say I was "in front of" the Apple Store--but in reality, I was a couple blocks away. It was an excuse to be with a good friend and a grand social experiment watching the insanity of consumerism. And yes, I walked away with two new iPhones. But in the bizarre world in which we live--I was able to sell my "old" iPhones on Ebay for more than the new ones cost.
  • We just finalized our plans to be in Des Moines on September 11th at Cornerstone Family Church teaching Simply Strategic Volunteers.

That's all I got. More soon.

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