Google TV Brings Online Church into the Living Room

Unless you are a techie, you may have missed the announcement last week by Google about a new product called Google TV. As soon as it was announced, Google was proclaimed as "leapfrogging Apple" with this invention and a few others. That aside, I'm captivated by the potential that Google TV will make online church a viable, cheap and simple move into the living room. No longer will it be one or two people awkwardly sitting around the computer in the office. Or huddled over a laptop with less than stellar speakers. And, it won't take someone with an electronics degree to connect all the wires. A church could actually write an app on the open-source Android platform--and wala--it's on the big screen. This will be released before the holidays, and will likely be less than $200 to add to an existing TV. Many new TV's will come with it built-in.


Any other ministry uses you see for this technology advancement?

Tim Stevens8 Comments