Story Auction Winner #1

Last month we launched a "Story Auction" for two shuttle buses. Organizations from all over the country (and 2 from other countries!) wrote a compelling story and made an offer for our shuttles. I took the stories and dispersed them to about 40 leaders at Granger--and asked them to help me pick... "Which story is most compelling? Which story moves your heart?" One story that was #1 choice by many was that of Pastor Darrly Murdock of the Faith Deliverance Center. They have planted a church right in the middle of one of the hardest parts of South Bend, Indiana. I had never met Darrly nor heard of the church--but this is what one of our leaders had to say about his ministry: I have known him for 30+ years. He and his wife are wonderful, compassionate, and have a heart for people. They have a small congregation but a huge heart!"

This is a part of the Faith Deliverance story in their own words:

We are right in the middle of the drugs, prostitution, homelessness, hopelessness and darkness. But God placed us there to be the light of love through Him. We know it was God because we were given the building and needless to say it was in very bad shape. But God is faithful!!! He remodeled our building and it looks brand new. And the best part of this miracle is that we are debt-free. We have a food pantry, clothes closet, hygiene, women counseling, men counseling, marriage and youth counseling. Whatever we can do to help God's people we will do it. We know that God can and will restore this community. It does not have to be "the ghetto". These people do not have transportation to get to Church if they live across town or further away. I have picked people up for Church and bible study for over 6 years with one car. Sometimes I have made 3 trips just to make sure people get to church to hear God' s word because I know it brings them peace and joy they need to get through the week. And the youth need to leave their environment and see new things. We would be able to plan field trips for the children. Get them out of situations that are dark and grim. A day away from walking up and down the streets of drugs and crime, could  show them that it is a better way.

Congratulations to Pastor and Mrs. Darrly Murdock!

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