The Right Team is Everything

You've heard Jim Collins' analogy of getting the right people on the bus in the right seats? I've long believed the right team can solve any problem. The right team can help the bus get to the destination, can tackle unanticipated obstacles along the way, and can even help the bus divert if it's not heading to the right place.

I'd rather have the right team sitting in the woods with nothing but paper than to have the wrong team and all the newest facilities, equipment and technology in the world.

And it was that type of A-team that first attracted me to SoChurch. My initial thought, frankly, was, "Who needs another software program for churches?" Then when I heard the team that was involved--I immediately leaned in. With a team that includes John Saddington, Ben Forsberg, Craig Van Korlaar and Jonathan Cottrell--you've got my attention. Throw in the Advisory Board that includes Kem Meyer, Tony Morgan, Ben Arment, and a couple other big names you'll hear about in coming weeks--and now I'm really intrigued!

I can hear you saying, "SoChurch? So What!" What the heck is SoChurch? Well, it's a technology-solution to help you communicate with the people in your church. It doesn't revolutionize the way you communicate--it just pulls it all together in one solution, and helps you do it so much better. How many times does someone in your congregation say, "I didn't know about..." or "How do I find out about..." or "Where can I get information about..."? How many times do the leaders say, "How do we tell everyone about..."?

The problem with most solutions available now--they aren't scalable. They tend to be written by people attached to mega-churches--and they are priced for and work best in the mega-church environment. Nothing wrong with that. But what excites me about SoChurch is that it is scalable from the smallest group or house-church to the largest church.

That's why I've signed on to be a part of the Advisory Team for SoChurch--and can't wait for this product to release later this year.

Here's a screenshot you haven't seen (fyi-this is a high fidelity wireframe, but lacks the fit and finish the final product will have). Imagine if every group in your church had this level of organic conversation in a place that was centrally connected to (and integrated with) your church's mission and vision as a whole.

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