I Love Girls

It's 1am and I'm watching an interview with James Dobson about his new book "Bringing Up Girls." I don't know anything about this new book, but listening to the interview reminded me of a few things that I've found important in raising girls...

  • I tell them they are beautiful as often as I can. That takes no effort--because they are two of the most beautiful teens, inside and out, that have ever existed on planet earth.
  • I have always given them the option to use me as the excuse to say "no" or to get out of a tough situation. I tell them to say "Dad won't let me" anytime they want to if they are uncomfortable.
  • I listen a lot.
  • As they are now 15 and 17...I try to rarely say "no" when they ask permission to do something. Rather, I ask lots of questions and try to lead them to the right answer.
  • I give them space to be quiet, emotional, sad, ecstatic, whatever.
  • I encourage them to be themselves. If that means wearing pretty dresses, I'm good with that. If it means emo hair and holey jeans, that's also good.
  • I model a red-hot marriage. I want them to see me love and honor their mother. I used to get the "oh gross" when I'd be kissing on Faith in front of them. But I didn't care. They go to school every day and hear of another friend's parents getting divorced--they need to see us madly in love.

I absolutely love having girls. They were fun when they were little--but nothing has been as fun as the teenage years with them. I can't wait to see what God does with Heather and Megan in every day of their future!