A Story Auction for Shuttle Buses

A "story auction"? What the heck is that?

Here's the deal. We are selling our shuttle buses. Our original plan was to sell them on the open market and get as much money as possible (in order to invest the money into a replacement vehicle). However, last week we decided to launch a "Story Auction" for the buses. Here's how it works.

  • Using this form, make a bid for a shuttle bus (or both if you'd like).
  • Your bid must include the price you will pay AND a compelling story of how the bus will be used.
  • We will choose the winner(s) based on a combination of the bid and the story. It's possible we'll be moved by a story and ignore the bid altogether!
  • We are providing specific information on the shuttle buses--as well as information on how to arrange for an on-site visit if you'd like.
  • Don't delay--the Story Auction ends on April 15th!

Tim Stevens8 Comments