Are those ATM Giving Machines Worth It?

[vimeo][/vimeo] Very few people carry cash anymore. There are a couple responses you could have to that: 1) Stand up and preach how a cashless society is a sign of the end of the world, or 2) install some giving kiosks to make it easier for people to help the ministry of the church.

I've recently been asked several times about our Secure Give giving kiosks. "Are they worth it?" "Do people use them?" "Did your giving go up?"

Lots of good questions. So I thought I'd let Dave Moore answer these questions. He is the Finance Director at Granger and has a blog full of great information. I pulled this information from a recent post...

  • We introduced the giving kiosks in early September last year. Between September 11 and December 31, we took in almost 1,250 donations on the kiosks. The average donation was $80, and the gifts totaled around $25,000 per month. (We have around 5,000 attending each week--so you can scale this up or down for your situation.)
  • Kiosk donations accounted for 4% of our overall donations in the last four months of 2009.
  • We have 3 machines. 2 at our Granger Campus and 1 at our Elkhart Campus.
  • Prior to September, we averaged 42 new givers/month to our General Fund. Between September and December we averaged 67 new givers/month to our General Fund.
  • Average monthly giving increased 3% in the last four months of 2009.
  • During this time, we had 69 people give for the first time on the kiosks. In total, those 69 people subsequently gave $15,225 through the end of the year.

Pop over to Dave's blog for more specifics. Bottom line: We believe they have more than paid for themselves and are providing an additional way for families (especially new givers) to contribute to the ministry of the church.

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