I'll admit it...I'm frustrated. Having access to the giving records at the church is both a blessing and a curse. Often I see the giving of a single mom, or elderly widow, or young student--and I am astounded by the sacrifice of their giving. Or I see the unbelievable gifts coming from a business man who I know isn't rich--and I see how it represents a life of priorities. But the other side of the coin sometimes leaves me shaking my head in disbelief. I see the name of a strong leader who is giving of his or her time to make things happen in a ministry area--yet I find they give absolutely nothing to the work of Christ at Granger. Or I come across the giving report of a business person who is known to be doing very well--and they give far less than the elderly widow living on social security! Or I see the name of a leader who has petitioned me in the past for more dollars in a certain area--and then I see that they are contributing little to nothing to help us fund such ministry.

It's frustrating. Not because the church needs their money or God can't supply for our ministry needs without them. Rather, it's frustrating because I know what they are missing. Whether you believe in the principle of tithing or not isn't the issue. I think anyone could agree that God values a generous person--and that we are called to furthering His work here on earth. I believe God blesses generous people. I also believe God withholds blessing from people who are not generous. I hurt for people who select lifestyle choices above the blessing of God on their life.

But for today--I'm going to focus on the people who are giving generously. I wrote letters of thanks to several of them this week. They are the ones making it possible for thousands of people to meet Jesus, find hope, discover forgiveness and make a real impact on our community and around the world.

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