Are We a Multi-Site Church?

Recently I was asked the question: "Is Granger a multi-site church?" I answered, "No, we are a church with a multi-site...on our way to becoming a multi-site church."

I think there is a very distinct difference between a church that has more than one site--and a church whose very DNA is embedded with multiplication through additional campuses.

We launched our second campus in Elkhart, Indiana, in October 2008. We had planned to launch three campuses that year--but the economy tanked right as we were making plans. As it was, our Elkhart site opened just months before the county was labeled the hardest-hit area in the country.

It's been incredibly difficult--and incredibly rewarding. It has great leadership, a tremendous location, and the attendance is exceeding our expectations.

But wow---it is hard!

Every two weeks, I'm meeting with a very smart bunch of leaders from Granger...and we are together trying to figure out how to become a multi-site church.

I think we will truly be a multi-site church when...

  • ...we begin to think multi-site as naturally as we breath. Right now, some times we remember a bit too late that we have more than one site.
  • ...we begin to budget as though we have multiple sites.
  • ...we begin to staff as though we have multiple sites.
  • ...we determine which values are crucial to carry to every location.
  • ...we figure out how to transfer leadership DNA to every location.
  • ...we set up our systems for every area so they are sustainable with multiple locations.

Here's the thing--we are committed to figuring this out.

Multiplication is in our future...and it will soon be in our DNA.

Tim Stevens5 Comments