The 30-Night Rule...2009 Update

Two years ago, I made a commitment to my family, to my boss, and to you. You can read it here, but in summary I said...

  • There is a dynamic tension in trying to juggle the priorities that are important to me (family, ministry, learning, writing).
  • In the previous couple years, I had spent too many nights away from home.
  • I made a plan to change that and intentionally keep my priorities right.

And so, I committed to take control of my schedule and spend no more than 30 nights away from my wife in 2008. I made the same commitment at the beginning of 2009.

I've just tallied my traveling for last year, and I'm glad to report that I stayed well within my goal for the year. Thank you for your prayers, and for the handful of you who asked me on occasion how I was doing.

My Nights Away from Home

The 30-night rule is the right decision for me for this phase of my life. For you, the right decision might be 60-nights...or 3-nights. I don't know, but if traveling is a part of your life, then it's important to get some helpful counsel from people who know and love you. I made this decision in consultation with three important people:

  1. My wife - she's the one who has to carry the load when I'm gone. She's also the one who knows when I start to get "toasty" because of an insane schedule.
  2. Mark Beeson - he's my boss and close friend. It's important to me that I'm fulfilling my responsibilities in leading the church, and he helps me figure this out.
  3. A few trusted friends - there are 2 or 3 other people who I confer with on every speaking request or traveling opportunity that I get. They know me. I trust their insight.

Two questions for you...

  • Are you in control of your schedule, or are you controlled by your schedule?
  • Do you allow others into your life to help you keep your priorities in check?
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