Insecure Leadership

Shawn Lovejoy is the founder of and the lead pastor at Mountain Lake Community Church. He launched the Velocity Conference today with some great thoughts about leaders and insecurity. Some quotables...

  • There's been many times I've gone to bed doubting my calling and myself. I thought it would change as the church grew. But it happens just as much now as when the church was small.
  • Because of the internet, you can always find a church growing bigger and faster--and our insecurity will cause us to think our church sucks in comparison (rather than celebrating what God is doing in our church).
  • There is too much cookie-cutter church planting happening.
  • There is a thin line between learning from a leader and envying them.
  • When we are insecure in our own skin we will actually begin to condemn other leaders.
  • Francis Chan said, "I could build a church bigger than Jesus." If you rely on money and marketing, you can build a big church. But that's not the goal.
  • Like David with Saul, there are pastors every day who are leading churches trying to wear someone else's armor (personality, preaching, talent, etc.).
  • It is easy to compare, copy and condemn. That's why I decided 14 months ago to not read any other pastors blog. And it's been refreshing.
  • It's a scary place to take off the layers of facade and be vulnerable. But that's where God wants us to be.
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