1000 Posts

Two interesting things both happened today...

  1. I'm writing my 1,000th post. My first post was on July 11, 2006. It's been quite a ride with ups and downs, twists and turns. I think I've stayed true to my original intent--but that's really for you to decide.
  2. For the first time, I'm changing my blog design today. Some would say I waited too long. But with most readers never actually visiting the blog (using RSS readers and such), it didn't seem like a high priority to me. But now is the time. And I'm extremely grateful to Dustin Maust, Daryl McMullen and Matt Metzger for holding my hand and leading me through this process. More specifics on my thinking behind the new design (for the 6 of you who care) in a later post.

Thanks for staying with me on the ride. I promise to do my best to continue to add value to you.

Tim Stevens19 Comments