Tony Reaches for the Skye

Rewind to last February when I first met Skye Jethani. We spent an entire day together with fifteen other leaders (including Dave Ferguson, Will Mancini and Frank Viola) talking about the future of the church. I didn't know who Skye was before that day, but gained a quick respect for him.

At that time, Skye mentioned he had a book coming out soon.

Fast forward to this past October and I ran into Skye again at the Story Conference in Chicago. We talked for a few minutes and I learned that his book was being promoted at the conference. Someone saw me looking at the book and said, "Did you know Skye wrote about you?"

That was news to me, but I learned about it in the car leaving the conference from someone on my team. Skye had quoted from Simply Strategic Growth written by myself and Tony Morgan. Let's just say that he wasn't in agreement with the quote he chose.

Fast forward again to yesterday when blogger Justin Wise included the quote in a post where he was awe-struck by the brilliance of Skye's integrity in the way he disagreed. I was equally awe-struck by Justin's awe-struckedness (is that word?) and the response of some of his commenters. After Catalyst picked up the article, I figured it had gone pretty public. I left a comment that probably, in hindsight, had more sarcasm than substance.

Tony Morgan, on the other hand, actually addressed the issue head-on. He writes in a post today:

Unlike Skye, I’m still of the opinion that healthy churches are growingchurches. I also believe that if we embrace some intentionality in our ministries including our worship services, we’re more likely to connect with today’s culture. At the end of the day, I believe churches should be both attractional and missional. Skye believes otherwise.

You should read the rest of his thoughts. Then come back here and tell me what you think.

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