"Son, Where Have You Been?"

That's what my mom asked me today. She said, "You haven't written on your blog or tweeted much lately."

There are several reasons my mom's question makes me happy:

  1. She cares about me.
  2. She reads my blog.
  3. She used the word "tweeted" in a sentence. Yes, my mom is savvy about social media!

Well, for my mom and others who might wonder, I've been working every spare minute on a home construction project. That is both good and bad. It is good because I can't explain how much I love working on such projects. They wear me out physically but fill me up emotionally. It is very therapeutic.

But it's bad because I haven't had much time for blogging. My part in the project is moving from physical labor to managing contractors--so look for my content to be revived next week.

So, for me, home construction projects bring me energy. What does it for you?

Tim Stevens7 Comments