A 4-Month Learning Experience

Beginning next month, Mark Waltz is entering a four-month journey with leaders whose responsibilities are focused on connections, volunteer involvement, group relationships, and spiritual growth. If you are a senior pastor or a pastor/director responsible for adult connections or assimilation ministries - you should really consider applying for this coaching journey. Mark has gone all around the country training teams of people - staff and volunteers - focused most specifically on guest services ministries, occasionally venturing into conversations related to volunteers and relational ministries. Typically that happens in a day, two at most.

But this is different.

  • It will be intensely practical. Highly conversational. Interactive. And limited to 12 leaders.
  • You will study. You will read. You will learn together. You'll explore your specific questions, issues and church dynamic.
  • His coaching will be very specific about cultivating culture, building teams, casting vision, designing environments for connecting, serving and growing.

It isn't cheap. And it won't be terribly convenient (like travel to northern Indiana). But after spending a decade in ministry with Mark, I know it will be worth it.

Consider making this the core of your training/learning experience in 2010. I'm confident you'll be better from the experience. I'm certain you'll lead your church, your staff, your teams more effectively and serve your people and guests more thoroughly because of this coaching journey.

Decide soon - it starts in five weeks, and there are only a few spots left. More information here.

Tim Stevens7 Comments