A Rising Leader

Many exciting things are on the horizon for Granger, and it will be fun to tell you about them in the coming days. Stay tuned.

JasonMiller1 For today, let me introduce to you Jason Miller, the new Pastor of Arts and Teaching at Granger. He's not new to the team (perhaps you remember me writing about him three years ago). He joined us in 2004 as a worship leader, and more recently the pastor of our college ministry. But last week we announced to our staff his transition into this new role--leading a team of hundreds of volunteers and staff who help design and deliver more than 60 creative experiences every year to help people meet God.

Jason brings youth (he's 27 years old), wisdom, leadership and passion to the team. He also brings a love for God and commitment to the mission of Granger in our community. He started teaching at our weekend and midweek environments a few years ago and has quickly grown into one of our congregation's favorite speakers.

I love Jason's heart for diverse learning. One day he's studying for a test for his master's degree in theology at Notre Dame--and the next day he's reading a business book by Patrick Lencioni so he can be a better leader.

I hope you'll get to know Jason. I'm a better man because of his friendship and influence--I know you will be too.

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