A New Leadership Team

Today we announced to our staff the addition of three amazing leaders to the Senior Management Team (SMT) at Granger.

Kem Meyer -- she's been in the church for 18 years and on the staff team for 7 years leading us in communications, web strategy and other creative projects.

Jason Miller -- I introduced Jason yesterday as he has just assumed the role of Pastor of Arts and Teaching at Granger.

DC Curry -- He was attending Granger while playing football at Notre Dame. After a short time in the NFL, DC came back to lead our student ministry and has been with us for 3 years.


All three of these leaders are big thinkers. They lead a ministry area well--but also have the eyes, heart and vision for the entire church. They join Mark Beeson, Mark Waltz, Rob Wegner and myself as the primary leaders of the strategic direction of the church. I ask you to pray for us as we strive to find God's best for our future together.


  • The age of Granger's senior team ranges from 27 to 56.
  • The SMT now comprises 7 leaders with an average tenure at Granger of 11.6 years.
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