Viva Mexico


I've mentioned in the past my commitment to spending time away with my wife, every year, without the kids. I've also talked about how I go dark and totally disconnect from my church/work world during this time away.

And this has been that week. Since last Sunday we've been enjoying our time by the pool in Cabo San Lucas. Just the two of us...with no responsibilities, no schedule, no expectations. There is nothing I look forward to more than my time alone with Faith. She is an amazing woman who has loved me with everything she has for the past 19+ years. She energizes me, relaxes me, and makes me laugh--all at the right times. I can't imagine my life without her. This week has been hers. It has been ours.

I can hear your objections: "But then why have you been blogging every day this week?" Well here's my secret: I haven't blogged this week at all...not once. I wrote everything (even this post) last week and pre-scheduled them to post in my absence. Then I used Twuffer to pre-schedule one tweet each day highlighting that day's blog post. It is a little risky since technology glitches at times, and I won't be around to make corrections, but to me it is worth it to focus 100% on my time with Faith.

If you are married...what do you do to intentionally and regularly stay connected to your spouse?

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