Never Stop Learning

Beeson2Last night I was talking to Mark Beeson and we were sharing stories about the weekend. He had just returned from spending some time with Amber, his oldest daughter, and had the opportunity to visit her church. Maybe you read his post about it.

He was telling me about his visit to Ada Bible Church and the great messaged delivered by Jeff Manion.

Something he said stood out to me: "I learned several things Sunday, and a couple of them are really going to help me in my preaching."

I think anyone who knows Mark casually would file this under the category of yougottabekiddingme! He is a world-class communicator, has been preaching for nearly four decades, and has continually refined his skill with the detail of an artist.

And yet his comment wasn't surprising to me. Why? Because Mark is a life-long learner. He may be in his mid-50's when many leaders would coast on everything they learned in their 20's and 30's and 40's. But not Mark. He continues to be a challenge to me because he has purposed to never stop learning. And that, my friends, makes a leader attractive at any age.

(Picture by Dustin Maust, creatively ripped off without permission from

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