Dave Gibbons at Story

Dave Gibbons is the pastor of Newsong Church in southern California. Here are some of my takeaways from his talk at Story Chicago...

  • Everyone has a desire to connect.
  • Every culture has to figure out, "How do we recommunicate the gospel?"
  • We've defined success for churches by size and strength (the size of our church budgets).
  • Most churches, about 80% of budget is in staff and buildings. I propose we turn that around. What if 80% went to the city and only 20% to operations?
  • When there is personal revelation of your weakness--it more fully releases the power of the Spirit.
  • Do you think everyone in your church should serve in your church? Why? Why not prepare them to serve outside your church?
  • Sometimes God allows a time of dryness because He is producing something beautiful inside of us.
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