Can You Tell Me What You 140 Characters or Less?


We have started an adventure on our staff…we are re-defining job descriptions in a short enough summary that it could fit in a text message. I got this idea a few years ago when I heard Andy Stanley say that every staff member should be able to explain what they do in a few sentences.

Expanding on that thought, what if every staff member could explain what they do in one text message, or in one post on Twitter? It would cause them to boil down what they do…it would be a phrase that could be easily memorized and repeated.

So we have started. Some of the teams have already worked on these...others will be doing it throughout the fall. Here are a few examples...

  • Kem Meyer: Lead and leverage communications & technology to eliminate information obesity and simplify complexity across departments and campuses.
  • Jason Powell: Lead tech ops with transparent technology experiences that empower people with smart, hard-working resources.
  • Butch Whitmire: Create an attractive environment that enables, engages, and empowers gifted artists to perform for the glory of God.
  • Mark Waltz: Champion and construct volunteering, growth & connection onramps that help people take next steps toward God.
  • Dawn Lovitt: Assist Director of Community & guide people toward resources within the church for their individual needs or direct to community resources.

What do you think--good idea or bad idea?

Tim Stevens15 Comments