Some Things You May Not Remember

Last week was my 15-year anniversary at Granger. Mileposts like that tend to make me reflective.

I thought I would share some things that you may not know, but were true upon my first day in the office 15 years ago...

  1. Rob Wegner had hair like Albert Einstein.
  2. Mark Beeson was younger than I am now (he was 40 years old).
  3. We were a 100% Mac shop before it was vogue to be so.
  4. There were 6 people on staff.
  5. Church services were happening in a movie theater, the offices were rented, and we owned no land or buildings.
  6. All the men wore ties to the office. Yep, every day.
  7. The church stationary was printed in one-color: Holy Spirit Red.
  8. We had no email. It was high-tech to have a fax machine.
  9. Our staff handbook indicated that men should not have facial hair.
  10. Ginny Lawley was a volunteer on the vocal team; Kem Meyer was a single mom who had recently met Christ, and Melanie Rosander had long hair.

Ah yes, haven't things changed!

Tim Stevens5 Comments