No One is Paying Me To Say This


Early this year, Casey Graham and I had a chance meeting in the Atlanta airport. After that ten minute encounter, I was determined to find out more about, the organization that Casey started out of a passion to help local churches.

What intrigued me most was Casey's vision. He said to me, "I wake up every day thinking about helping churches increase their operational revenue." I said, "You mean you run a stewardship campaign company." That wasn't it at all. His deal is the ongoing, regular offerings of the church. He wants to help church leaders figure out how to connect the vision to people's giving.

And so early this summer we hired The Change Group. And they have been helping us significantly. They are genuine, they are trustworthy, and they have a knowledge base that has been adding value to our team.

Right now, is launching a financial management and outsourced bookkeeping service. They can actually do ALL of your bookkeeping for your church--at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff to do the same thing.

Check them out. Right now you can have a free consulting session with them. Give it a try--you might just find a solution that will be helpful.

P.S. No one is paying me a penny to say any of this. I just think they are a great partner, and think you might agree.

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