Beeson Launches Innovate Exposed

If you are missing the Innovate Conference -- watch it live here. My take-aways from the first session, led by Mark Beeson:

  • The world is changing. Everything is global, instant and permanent.
  • In the next 10 years around the world, the church is going to have to wrestle with this question: "Is it necessary for people to get together physically?"
  • We live in a virtual world...what does that mean for the church in the next generation?
  • The only people innovating aren't just the people in this room. Our culture is changing.
  • If you don't tweet, text, or blog - you might think about quitting and getting a different job. Cause that's the world we are in.
  • There are moments of sorrow and brokenness that can bring the greatest moments of growth in your life.
  • Being exposed isn't just about being vulnerable with friends - but being exposed before God.
  • God is calling us to build teams of unique people and hold them together through our mission and the values we share.
    • Your Mission: "Why we are here"
    • Your Vision: "What is pulling you into the future? What does the desired future look like?"
    • Your Values: "How we play together along the journey"
  • When you are building a team...people can like the mission, vision and values...but if they don't like you--they may quit your team.
  • People might like you, they might love the vision, but if they don't like the other people on the team (and have chemistry with those people)--you may lose some of your best people.
Tim Stevens3 Comments