Another First at a Conference?

Yesterday we went through a process to find 2 people in the room to be featured speakers today. That's right -- two people who came to a conference thinking they were going to sit back and enjoy and listen and learn -- are now sweating bullets because they are presenting in a few minutes.

Love it!

Here was the process:

  • Yesterday we asked everyone in the room to share a story of life change with 5 or 6 people around them. What is happening that is exciting in your church, where lives are being changed? We asked them to share that in the group.
  • Then we asked the group to pick one of the stories that needed to be shared with more people.
  • We ended up with 85 people -- and took them out of the room.
  • We divided again into 13 groups and asked them to share the stories again.
  • We asked those groups, again, to pick 1 story from their group. We ended up with 13.
  • We divided them into 2 groups, and did the process one additional time.
  • We ended up with two individuals and asked them to share their story on the "big stage" today.

It starts now -- join us at Innovate Conference online!

Tim StevensComment