Amazon Can't Beat This

Pop Goes the Church I just read an encouraging tweet from @DustinACrawford: “Dang, @timastevens book Pop Goes The Church is a must read!!! Don’t wait, go get it now.”

So in honor of Dustin and his great endorsement, I was recently told we have a can’t-be-beat offer on Pop Goes the Church right now.

The book is $10 right now from That’s 41% off the cover price. It is less than you can buy it on Amazon.

But wait, there’s more (always wanted to say that). If you order it right now you get a free set of Ginsu knives! Okay, not really.

But, if you order 5 or more copies, you get 10% off. I’ve talked to many groups who have studied the book together as a staff, worship team, elder group or pastors’ meeting.

This discount expires soon. Don’t delay.

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