The Nines


If you haven't heard about THE NINES yet...then listen up. This is an event unlike any I've ever heard about...

  • It is specifically FOR church leaders (although anyone can attend).
  • You will hear from dozens of leaders. But get this...each one will only talk for 9 minutes. That's it. Forget the lame ice breakers or stories about their childhood--they will get right to it.
  • You don't have to travel anywhere to participate. Gather as a staff in a conference room or sit at home in your underwear. Your choice.
  • You can watch it all day (recommended!), or you can come and go, tune in and out as your schedule allows.
  • It is totally FREE. You do have to register, but there is no cost and there are no strings attached.

Two more things you should know...

  • I'm signed up.
  • has been selected as one of about 12 sites that will be hosting THE NINES. So sign up today, then tune in here on September 9th at 9:09am (CDT).
Tim Stevens5 Comments